Albanian-American Freedom House

Albanian-American Freedom House

Mission Statement




The post-communist reality of Albania is exceptionally different from that of other countries in Eastern Europe. In Albania the need to institute the state of law, so long absent, is greater than in other countries in order for the society to be able to recognize its own historical values, which are the basis for a genuine democracy. The political elite cannot yet perform this task because they have immediate short term priorities. They are occupied mainly with the present while loaded up with the remnants of the past, which is why they continue to carry the defects of the society. The ideal of the civic conscience that inspires us starts precisely in correcting these defects. Our organization aims to work for the public whose intentions are none other than this. The building of a democratic future depends on the correction of the present, and the correction of the present can only be done by realizing the defects of the past, defects that have been served as virtues for so long. We as an organization begin with this urgent call: the objective reassessment of history, and for this we pledge to bring to light as many facts as possible from the past, to determine the cause of why and how the truth is yet kept in the dark, and by addressing the domestic and foreign opinions, to reveal the deliberate inaccuracy that even today characterizes the sphere of information by trading values with anti-values. We observe that the entire public endures grave uncertainty as an outcome of the survival of communist mystification after its peaceful downfall in the Eastern bloc, and the worst is from a spread of opportunism that comes from living under oppression for a long period of time which pushes people to act against their consciousness as long as they satisfy their small interests. It is necessary to blow the trumpet of some fundamental truths in order for us to get out of this state of alienation. These truths will place in the collective memory facts and personalities that are twisted by communist propaganda and we will turn them into their real dimensions: no recuperative politics, no supportive and humanitarian aid from outside will take effect unless the truth is declared at least in school textbooks and in the consideration paid to public figures of the past. 




Our organization is called Albanian-American because the initiative comes from Albanian-Americans who do not cease being preoccupied with the problems of their country of origin, and because America serves as an example of the civic model which inspires us and gives us the moral and material support to realize it. It is called Freedom because truth and freedom are exchangeable, but the former is powerless without the latter, and we have aspired to achieve civil freedom all our lives. The integration of Albania into Europe will come with dignity only if we are aware of the tragic separation that divided us from Europe for 50 years. Otherwise it will be a dangerous adventure with unknown consequences. 

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